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Here you will find valuable information about CDMA opportunities and activities. If you need additional information, please contact your campus representative.

The Coast District Management Association (CDMA) is the officially recognized organization representing about 120 managers (includes administrators, managers, and supervisors) in the Coast Community College District. The organization is dedicated to advocating for all managers in the District, and membership is open to all managers. The Board of the CDMA, comprised of elected officers and campus or site representatives, believes that success requires a working environment and working conditions that are professional, encouraging and supportive of all District managers. Active members in a wide-range of CDMA-sponsored professional, social and staff development activities.

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Congratulations! On behalf of the Coast District Management Association (CDMA) welcome to your new management position.

It is my privilege and pleasure to invite you to become a CDMA member. The membership dues are very reasonable, and the benefits are substantial. Attached you will find a membership form with the dues structure.

One of the most important functions of the CDMA is the Meet and Confer process. This discussion process allows us to work directly with the District's Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and the Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Services in determining changes to management salary, benefits, retirement incentives and the like.

CDMA promotes continuing education of all managers and provides funds for tuition and other educational costs associated with the pursuit of associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. The maximum annual educational reimbursement is $3,000 per person, depending on degree level. Professional development activities are also encouraged and supported. Managers may apply for funding, up to $1,500 annually, for activities such as conference attendance. (Managers may apply for only one funding allocation annually-educational reimbursement or professional development. Funding requests are accepted each year starting on July 1.)

CDMA also works to help sponsor and promote management training workshops presented by Liebert, Cassidy and Whitmore. Avoiding common pitfalls associated with evaluations, past practices procedures, disciplinary actions as well as other management issues are some of the topics covered in these highly informative workshops.

Twice a year CDMA hosts inter-campus networking opportunities. The Fall and Spring Socials allow us to welcome new managers, honor retirees, recognize special achievements, and present Manager of the Year awards. There is plenty of time to simply enjoy socializing with our colleagues at these events, as well!

I hope you will consider my invitation and become a member of the Coast District Management Association. I encourage you to be an active member and make the most of your membership. Additional information is provided on our website, CDMA. Please do not hesitate to contact me, your site representative or any CDMA members.

Professional Development

Management Professional and Staff Development

The Board of Trustees of the Coast Community College District has established the Management Professional and Staff Development Program to provide an opportunity for all district managers to expand their knowledge and increase their skills within their established career fields.
The support of the Management Professional and Staff Development Program provides positive individual professional development and contributes to achieving the mission of the District.

About CDMA


Constitution of the Coast District Management Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to: Promote the professional welfare of the membership and provide a vehicle for consultation with the District Governing Board on significant issues and promote the welfare of the district.

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CDMA History

Updated February 1, 2003

In 1978, the Coast District began moving in the direction of establishing a collective bargaining agreement. As the process developed, administrators found themselves with no formal method of representation to the District.

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CDMA Board Members

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This listing represents those who have donated their time and efforts to the CDMA as present and past board members since 2002. We appreciate the dedication and service of everyone who has accepted this responsibility and offer our sincerest "Thank You"

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Managers of the Year

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Each year the CDMA selects a manager from each campus to be recognized as "Manager of the Year." Managers are selected by their peers for outstanding performance and leadership.

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