CDMA History

Formal notice of the creation of the Coast Community College District Management Association (CCCDMA) appeared as an information item on the District Board of Trustees meeting agenda of April 11, 1984. In 1988, the name of the organization was shortened to its present designation, the Coast District Management Association (CDMA). In 1991, a member of the Chancellor’s cabinet, the District Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, was assigned by the Chancellor to attend the executive board meetings of the CDMA on a permanent basis.

In 1990, the CDMA purpose was rewritten and adopted to read: "Promote the professional welfare of the membership and provide for consultation with the District Governing Board on significant issues and promote the welfare of the district."

From its beginning, the CDMA chose to be action focused by assigning current and ongoing issues to task forces and standing committees for study and recommendations. Early issues had to do with selection procedures for a new chancellor, selection procedures for administrators, evaluation of managers and a manager’s handbook. A mentoring program for new managers and staff development programs would later serve to strengthen management throughout the District.

The CDMA, as a result of its ongoing role in the meet and confer process and through its support of growth for all district managers through staff development activities has come to be seen as a conduit for growth and communication among managers within the Coast Community College District.

Key Highlights and Dates

1984 – Constitution and By Laws adopted

1984 – Formal notice of the formation of the Coast Community College District Management Association is given to the Coast Community College Board of Trustees

1984 – First general meeting of the Coast Community College District Management Association held at Orange Coast College

1984 – Committee on Selection of Administrators appointed

1985 – Committee on Meet and Confer appointed, Committee on Evaluation of Managers appointed, Committee on Administrative Leaves appointed

1989 – Organization Title Change Coast Management Association (CDMA)

1989 – Mentor program created to introduce new managers to key personnel on the campus and at the District, to be available to discuss issues.

1993 – Political action activity begins when CDMA creates a fund to be used in support of legislation, ballot initiatives, state and local candidates favorable to CCCD. Political Action Committee (PAC) formed headed by Ann Garten, District Public Affairs Officer

1997 – CDMA begins administration of District Management Professional and Staff Development Program to provide opportunities for all District managers to expand their knowledge and increase their skills within their established career fields