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CDMA President's Welcome Message

Hello Everyone,

As we entered the academic year, work and life seemed to be stabilizing as our environments and ways of supporting students have evolved to a new state of normalcy. The phase-in plans of Beyond the Blueprint and discussions regarding the future of work have spawned thoughts of How should management function in 2023? In tandem with these thoughts, the 2022 district-wide manager survey results showed that managers are seeking to gain opportunities to strengthen their technical and critical skillsets. I follow the school of thought that If you are not progressing, you are regressing and I see this year an opportunity refine management across CCCD.

In Summer 2022, CDMA held its first Board meeting where Board Members were introduced to and adopted the theme and professional development plan for the upcoming year. The 2022-23 theme is Facilitating Better Collaboration and Decision Making as Leaders which will be operationalized by two professional learning tracks focused on management and leadership fundamentals and empowerment through data.

In addition, the Board will fortify the structure established in 2021-22 to ensure clear and relevant communication that is a cyclical and transparent for managers. Within this vein, there are plans to introduce efficient ways of obtaining professional development funds via Dynamic Forms and have frequent budget updates with PowerBI. To ensure the management perspective is collected, included, and heard, we have CDMA representatives on CCCD College Council and Operational Subcommittees, and we will also be distributing a district-wide management satisfaction survey to support our discussions at Meet and Confer sessions.

The plan for the 2022-23 year is progressive, but achievable. I appreciate your openness to change, willingness to engage, and passion to give your best everyday.

Best Regards,

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Be Heard

In addition to reaching out to your CDMA officers and representatives, the CDMA Feedback Form is an avenue to share your feedback, comments, and ideas with us. Thank you.

Participatory Governance: CDMA's Representatives

CDMA represents and advocates for managers through its involvement in District participatory governance. In the future, refer to this section for routine updates from your CDMA representatives.

icon of people speaking in a group DISTRICT CONSULTATION COUNCIL
Aeron Zentner azentner@coastline.edu
icon of shaking hands MEET & CONFER
Sheri Sterner ssterner@occ.cccd.edu
icon of shaking hands BOARD POLICY &
Nathan Jensen, njensen@occ.cccd.edu
icon of shaking hands BUDGET
Derek Bui vbui34@coastline.edu
Tom Neal tneal14@coastline.edu
Matthew Valerius mvalerius@gwc.cccd.edu
icon of shaking hands TECHNOLOGY
Tanya Tran ttran1499@cccd.edu
Julie Hallsted jhallsted@cccd.edu

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