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President's Message: April 6, 2021

Fellow Managers,

Let me begin by complimenting you on your tremendous efforts to navigate the pandemic and make the best of a challenging situation for you and your teams.

The CDMA took your concerns expressed in the technology-needs survey into our meet-and-confer process. The District provided the $250 work-from-home stipend and has begun acknowledging requests for second monitors – and we will continue to push for solutions to address ongoing needs.

In addition, the CDMA constitution has been revised and our professional development processes updated. The constitution and professional development forms may be found on the CDMA website: cdma.cccd.edu. This year, we also found new ways to provide opportunities to our members to gather together and learn from each other. We have several dozen managers who participated in the manager's workshop on March 16 or who plan to participate in the upcoming workshop on April 13 – offered in partnership with District HR.

As much work as we have accomplished, we also acknowledge that our offerings are limited without in-person gatherings. The CDMA has provided an unused portion of manager dues for student emergency funds and returned another portion of those funds in the form of Amazon gift cards for members.

We are looking forward to rounding out the year with board elections and manager of the year recognition. Please keep an eye out for nominations and voting for both. The CDMA Board is also looking at options for an end-of-the-year celebration, as we reenergize our mentoring program and conclude our training "Leadership with Impact: Leaving your Legacy" with Dr. Eugenia Weiss and Dr. Juan Carlos Araque that began before the pandemic.

I recognize this is a longer message. With a return to greater normalcy, the CDMA will begin providing shorter and more regular updates of activities.

Thank you again for all you do for you colleges, the District, and each other. Great managers make great organizations!



Dana Emerson, Ph.D.
CDMA President